Cannabis dispensaries are more like drug stores to me

It has angry me to no end that nobody wanted to visit me when I lived up north… Nobody called plus asked to come stay at my house; I always had to fly to other people.

It was overpriced, tiring, plus actually draining.

Now that I live in a warmer state on the west coast, all the people wants to come see me, suddenly I am in the warm spot, however everyone wants to check out the recreational cannabis dispensary I live near. I feel that is the huge selling point, however when I first moved down I was actually game to take them through the weed shop. Now that I have lived here a few years, recreational weed is no longer considered a celebration drug to me. I use cannabis now for boring reasons. I am not getting high plus hitting the clubs. I have a tincture that I use to sleep at evening. I have a topical that I put on for leg cramps. I also sometimes vape cannabis oil if I am stressed at work. It is like going to the local pharmacy when I need to stock up. I don’t want anything extra or fun. I don’t want a pot brownie or a sativa, and my friends all try to push me to go. Now that I have been saying no, hastily nobody wants to visit anymore. Who would want to go to Rite Aid every month though plus act like it was a fun thing to do? I partied out. I don’t feel of cannabis as something fun anymore. It is strictly a medical weed for me now.


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