I like to smoke marijuana on game night

Once each week, my friends & I gathering to have a game night, and sometimes my pal and I gathering on Thursday at my location & sometimes my pal and I go to Jack’s location on Thursdays instead. My friend and I play lots of odd games like cards, dominoes, dice, & board games. Sometimes my pal and I will also play charades or pictionary. I have a large whiteboard in the kitchen & it works out superb for pictionary. My friend and I use odd colored dry erase markers & my pal and I don’t have to waste a bunch of paper, then on game night, everyone brings a odd type of snack. I usually make some type of pasta. One of our friends brings wine & garlic bread & someone else will bring dessert. I also care about to have marijuana on game night, then recreational marijuana makes a lot of things more fun. I happen to assume that game night is more fun when I am using recreational marijuana products. One of my friends works at a dispensary & the woman gets products for a discounted price. Sometimes she saves 30% on the products that are available for sale at the marijuana dispensary. Some of my friends like to drink wine, beer, or alcohol, despite the fact that I assume that marijuana makes me feel a lot better than alcohol. My friend and I are lucky to be able to live in a state that has legal recreational marijuana laws. There are about a dozen states that have legalized marijuana, but there are still several states where the use of marijuana is considered a crime that is punishable by law.


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