They are finally selling CBD oil locally

I know that there is a lot of dissention out there about what the medical benefits are for CBD oil. This is true, and I can point out no medical studies that prove anything conclusively. What I can do is to speak from the heart, and tell you about my own personal experience. This is not to convince anyone to do anything, I just think it’s important that my story be told, for anyone else out there that might be in my position. I used to have a mild problem with seizures, although thankfully it was never anything intense or life-threatening. CBD has literally changed my life, and while once upon a time it was hard to get, now I can buy it over the counter in local stores. That is sort of a big deal, because I live way out in the country, a place so remote they can’t even spell CBD. I love that joke, but finally this backwards town is getting with the program so I don’t have to drive two hours for a CBD supply run. It was worth it, of course, because the CBD isolate worked wonders with my body chemistry. Once I started using CBD oil daily I never had a seizure again, and there is no way you can convince me the two things aren’t related. So it’s a nice change of pace to be able to buy CBD at the tobacco shop. The widespread availability of CBD has also caused the prices to drop, so it’s more affordable than I’ve ever seen.

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