Hoping to get a CBD heavy strain

I have been growing marijuana for awhile, enough to try and target particular qualities in the plant! I have been attempting to grow a strain with a high CBD content! CBD is seriously nice for the smoker.

Chronic pain, stress and anxiety are reduced with CBD, those who can’t sleep, have trouble eating or even suffer from seizures rely on CBD products, and getting a strain with 2% or higher is considered a CBD heavy plant, then so far I have not produced anything worthwhile, not that many of people online claim they have a heavy CBD strain and are selling the seeds.

The price is so bloated and there is no guarantee they are telling the truth. I found a competitor near myself and others with a nice strain and he would not allow myself and others to clone his product. So now what I am doing is general nice care to our plants in order to influence the CBD… What I have study online is to keep the plants warm. I need to have a warmer air temperature, warmer soil and less water. I have been upping the temperature on our control unit and additionally using a dehumidifier with a few of our plants. In case our experience is a disaster, I want to have some nice products. I also have been easily careful about over watering and not burning our plants. I use LED lights however they still can burn a plant even though they have a built-in cooling feature. Who knows, maybe I will get lucky and our buds will test CBD high.


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