THC heavy cannabis seeds and trying to grow a great product

I recently lucked out and a friend of mine who also grows marijuana produced a high THC strain! He allowed me to cross breed and get seeds with a guaranteed higher THC content, and why would someone want a high THC strain? THC is the section of the marijuana plant that gets you high.

A lot of cannabis users don’t want to know mellow and just relax.

They like the mental and psychoactive effects that marijuana sometimes can supply off. With medical marijuana, higher THC levels does in fact help those who need to reduce nausea, chronic pain and muscle spasms. So I can have a whole range of customers with a heavier THC strain, then just having the right seeds to start the growing process isn’t enough. I have to actually care for the plant and influence the THC along the way. The multiple to 3 week phase of the growing process is called the flowering stage. This is the make it or chop it stage when it comes to the THC content. The mature buds are where the highest THC content will come from. It is pretty simple to tell this time due to the buds almost looking like they have white hairs on them. The best thing I have l acquired is that people say to avoid harvesting the crop early. Wait as long as possible to keep that high THC and don’t destruction the product when harvesting. I am hoping to have some luck with my THC content. It would actually help my company out to have more diverse products available to the masses.


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