Successful delivery campaign in our small rural area

Most of my friends as well as myself live around the same area. We moved here many months ago when recreational Cannabis became legal. My friends as well as myself live in a great neighborhood as well as our apartment is only several blocks from a very large medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. Just a few months ago, the two of us were completely surprised when the marijuana dispensary started to advertise that they would have a delivery service. The two of us don’t have to walk very far as well as we don’t have to take the Subway or even drive, but having delivery is somewhat of a cool thing. The two of us went online to look at all of these things as well as found that the marijuana dispensary will be offering delivery to a wide area starting next week. The delivery fees are extreme in my opinion, so I doubt my friends as well as myself will ever want to use the Cannabis delivery service. They can have a lot of things delivered as well as the website is replaced officially to make sure that no one orders something out of stock. My friends as well as myself have been thinking about trying out the service once, because they have a half-price coupon for the first delivery service. My friends Molly as well as Derek really love edibles like chocolate chip cookies as well as pot brownies. It could be something fun to have delivered on a night when all of us would rather stay in than go out as well as walk.