Legalizing marijuana was a terrible idea

Those who remember me from high school, that brief amount of time I was there, will be shocked at the following statement — legalizing pot was the worst thing that ever happened to this town.

As you may remember, I attended high school until halfway through my junior year, at which point I dropped out and got my GED.

From that point on I was working man, and I didn’t mind putting in the hours to get the job done. This is why I am so upset about the recent change in marijuana laws in this state. By legalizing medicinal marijuana, and getting on the path to recreational use, we have opened the doors for dozens of different dispensaries to set up shop in this town. Speaking as one of the town’s oldest and most well established marijuana dealers, I decry these changes, because they are putting me out of business! Let me tell you about the days of the “mom and pop” business, and how they were driven out of business by the heartless cannabis industry. What about us, don’t we matter, the united marijuana sellers of America? Thanks to all these dispensaries, the local market has been flooded with more marijuana that it needs, in more varieties than I can count. This has turned a sellers marijuana market into a buyers market, which means my prices have to be cut just to make any sales at all. I’ve lost several of my regulars to the new cannabis dispensary, and these were loyal customers of mine for a lot of years!



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