Is it really a big deal?

My brother Mark works as an orderly at a local VA hospital and he deals with a lot of stress. He takes care of the daily needs of veterans who have recently returned from their deployments and are experiencing serious PTSD. Many of the soldiers are facing life with life-increasing injuries plus some have just seen horrible things that have harmed them psychologically. However just last year our state voted to legalize the use of medical marijuana plus Mark says that the availability of cannabis has made a pretty remarkable difference in some of his patients. Oftentimes, when a person has PTSD, that person struggles with anxiety that can be so high that it can cause hallucinations at times. The use of medical marijuana to help with their anxiety has been quite remarkable in many cases. Mark says that he has not sure what would happen to many of them if they didn’t have this life-increasing medical treatment. Many doctors disagree with the use of medical marijuana as a viable treatment option, but, separate from this life-increasing treatment many of our servicemen may end up can psychiatric wards or even wind up killing themselves. For many years marijuana was covertly used to treat illnesses such as glaucoma plus cancer pain management because the cannabis provided people with the relief they needed.  Now, over recent years, States have come to accept benefits far outweigh the legality of this life increasing treatment. I am over the moon for that. It has actually made a dramatic and wonderful difference in Mark’s ability to do his job plus the welfare of his patients. Medical marijuana use is not suitable for everyone however both Mark and I are happy to think that at least in our little corner of the world, those who need it are able to get it.

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