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There has been quite a number of new studies of late with regards to eating disorders plus the use of medical marijuana. I’m sure you’ve heard about marijuana causing hunger.When you think about it, using medical marijuana as a baseline treatment for eating disorders such as bulimia plus anorexia makes sense because both involve the severe danger of weight loss. How many times these disorders are coupled with some sort of psychological condition that also needs to be dealt with. In cases of anorexia, generally the use of medical marijuana can allow the patients to begin ingesting food, plus hopefully gain some weight. It is of paramount importance that people with anorexia are followed closely by their caretakers plus counselors at simultaneously because the benefits won’t be achieved if the eating disorder isn’t addressed simultaneously, and eating disorders can be life-threatening plus oftentimes the use of traditional medications does not offer significant help.  There are many reasons that people develop anorexia plus it can get to the point where these folks are physically unable to eat. Without getting enough nutrition anorexia patients can contract other illnesses that are equally as serious. If the use of medical marijuana makes an anorexic sufficiently hungry, this is seriously beneficial. There are also other situations that cause loss of appetite such as HIV or even chemotherapy or even some other non chemo drugs. Some of these patients can also enjoy wonderful benefits in using cannabis oils plus medical marijuana to normalize their appetite, thereby allowing their bodies to ingest the beneficial nutrients they need from food. The body’s ability to heal doesn’t work without vital nutrients plus if a person has no appetite or has a condition that does not allow them to ingest food, medical marijuana may be a vital step in the treatment plan.

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