Cannabis is wonderful for skincare

For one thing, the cannabis creams plus cleansers have a nice odor.

I recently came to find that there is another way to treat excruciating acne. For years I just dealt with big, red bumps. I would use various facial cleansers, wash my pillow cases plus avoid fatty foods! None of that seemed to really make much of a difference. I began looking online for skincare help plus thought I would be going to a dermatologist. Turns out all I needed to do was go to a recreational weed store that was close to me. The local cannabis dispensary carries all sorts of products that can help our skin! Cannabis reduces inflammation, which would make our red bumps not that red anymore, also, CBD in the cannabis plant stops the formation of sebum. Sebum is the oily, waxy substance that coats the skin, clogs pores plus ultimately causes acne. I had the choice of either smoking weed, ingesting it through an edible or going for a topical. Since my troubles were skincare related, I was hoping to find a cream that handles my acne. I now use a CBD infused skin care cream every night before bed. I also wake up plus use a cannabis facial scrub. Are they different from those I have bought at local pharmacies? Yes, of course. For one thing, the cannabis creams plus cleansers have a nice odor. Another thing I have observed is that I feel way more relaxed plus calm after using these skincare products. I have noticed my acne is less severe. I certainly hope it continues to get better, however my local recreational cannabis dispensary might just be the locale that has saved me plus supplied me more confidence.


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