The prices were pretty high on live resin products

Running out of marijuana products is a nightmare.

I plan very well so I never actually run out of marijuana products.

I’ve had some problems in the past when I haven’t had enough to smoke and it is awful. I have terrible anxiety and marijuana helps a great deal. If I do not use marijuana, then the anxiety is there and it can be bad. When my wife and I first started using recreational marijuana, we didn’t know how much we would smoke while we were on vacation. We ran out one time and we had to order from a dispensary nearby. The prices on all of the live resin products were really high. Live resin concentrates are usually a bit more expensive than shatters or wax, but I was definitely surprised to see the prices at least 40% higher than I was accustomed to paying. I was going to order several jars of cannabis concentrate until I saw the price tag for each one. My wife was just as surprised as I was. We ended up buying one gram of Blue Dream concentrate and we also purchased a gram of papaya live resin. The Blue Dream concentrate was 83% with terpenes added. I thought that was pretty good and did not need live resin in the morning. I wanted to be able to sleep well so we made sure to get a live resin product that was a nice Indica for sleeping. Those were the only two concentrates that I bought because the prices were incredibly high at the marijuana dispensary.



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