The fantastic world of cannabis edibles

If you don’t like to smoke, don’t worry – you aren’t suddenly excluded from the world of cannabis.

To be frank, there is a nearly endless list of methods that can be used to ingest cannabis.

You can have just about any type of food infused with this miracle medicine! That’s the great thing about edibles, and also the dangerous thing. Since it can be difficult to dose yourself properly without going overboard, the effects of edibles take much longer to kick in. It can be very easy to go a little overboard on the first few tries, but of course, cannabis is so safe that you can not overdose and be in any real danger. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have an unpleasant experience though – trust me on that. Start small with the doses, and see how powerful the effects are for you. Everyone is different, but after about an hour, you should feel it and know if you had too much. From there, just use lesser amounts! If you don’t feel enough of the effects though, then try going up in dose a little bit on the next attempt. Since the effects can take up to two hours to work, they will last for a long time – far longer than inhaled cannabis. This is unlike smoking, primarily because of the difficulty that can come with finding the ideal dose. The reason edibles have such long-lasting effects isn’t just because of the digestive process, but because your stomach and liver convert the THC into a stronger, more intense metabolite of THC. If you aren’t a fan of the “high”, you can always go with pure CBD edibles – or oil. Both work like cannabis, but without the distinct “high”.


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