Make sure you’re comfortable with the dispensary you choose

Like anything else, you can expect to pay a higher price for superior quality cannabis.

While more and more dispensaries are opening up, they aren’t all offering premier strains.

The product should be free of pesticides and mold, smell and look fresh and be verified by third party testing. When you step inside the dispensary, you should feel completely comfortable. Along with a clean and tidy environment, the atmosphere should welcome you in. Some dispensaries offer lounge areas and fresh coffee where you can sit and relax. There are larger locations that provide a spa-like setting with dabbing lounges while others are more like a small local grocery store. The size, style and luxury of the dispensary might appeal to you, but the integrity of the product is way more important. Before choosing a dispensary, it’s a good idea to read reviews on Yelp, check out their website and visit their Facebook page. Learn what they offer and their qualifications and standards. If the dispensary has a long list of consistently bad reviews, you might want to find a different location. A good dispensary provides a broad selection, allowing for every taste and need. Oils, edibles, flowers, water soluble liquids and powders, soaps and salves are just some of the many options on the current market. Cannabis can be infused into nearly anything. Some of the larger dispensaries include an onside kitchen and create all kinds of tasty treats and snacks. Along with a wide inventory, you want to be sure the dispensary is managing quality control from seed to bottling. Most dispensaries have their own growers and are aware of the conditions the cannabis is grown under. How the plants are handled prior to cultivation makes a big difference in the end product.

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