You always have the option to regenerate your cannabis plants

You can actually regenerate a cannabis plant several times.

This can allow you to get several harvests from each plant if you do this procedure correctly.

When it is time to harvest your plants, you will want to only take the top two thirds of the plant and leave the one third on the bottom. You will need to carefully remove some of the larger buds from the lower portion of the plant and leave a bunch of buds in the middle of the plant. The more buds that are left on the plant, the faster it can regenerate. This usually takes a week or two to happen. After you harvest, you want to feed your plants a good amount of nitrogen to keep those leaves healthy and green so they can boost your plants back into the vegetative state. Sometimes the leaves will look a little funky, but the plant will start to grow into a normal looking cannabis plant. It’s best to do this once or twice after the first harvest. Some people will do this just to get new clones for the plant. Say if you didn’t get enough clones or for some reason you forgot to clone your plant, you can always regenerate the plant to get some good clones. You’ll also discover if this is done correctly, you can get a second harvest much faster than you got your first harvest. This is because the plant already has a solid structure and doesn’t need to grow nearly as much to provide the next round of buds for the next harvest.

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