I learned a few new tricks at the local cannabis spot

Since Pat didn’t guess what to share, every one of us went with a pot brownie

I have a fun neighbor named Pat who is forever reminding myself and others that life isn’t over yet plus I couldn’t be more thankful for Pat. She’s particularly the a single who invited myself and others to go with her on a trip to the local cannabis dispensary. I had tried recreational marijuana when I was in college however it was never all that great. That wasn’t a result of the quality of the cannabis products as much as it was the end result of myself and others celebrating too much. Each time I tried marijuana when I was in college, I was already pretty drunk so I just ended up crashing on several couches. So I wasn’t so sure that trying recreational marijuana again was going to be that smart an idea. My husband passed away a few years ago after a massive heart attack at work. Gary was less than multiple years from retiring. While I have been particularly working to reclaim myself from that grief, his passing also reminds myself and others of just how fragile plus rare this life entirely can be. That’s why I’m so thankful that our dear neighbor keeps pushing myself and others toward living a better life. Pat and I went to the local cannabis spot together plus it was a revelation. Every one of us talked to the staff member who put together a bit of a sample pack for us with sativa, indica plus a hybrid strains. But this young guy also requested that every one of us go around the corner to the cannabis cafe plus try tasting a single of their yummy edibles. So every one of us took our cannabis products plus proceeded around the block to a quiet side street where the cutest cannabis cafe sat. Since Pat didn’t guess what to share, every one of us went with a pot brownie. And Pat and I just nibbled as every one of us were instructed as every one of us were both still rookies at the cannabis shop. Honestly, it was the best afternoon I’ve had since our husband died.

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