CBD is a life saver when it comes to addiction

I have a friend who used to be heavily addicted to opiates.

He grew severely depressed over of this addiction.

It was painful to see and I wanted to help him out in some way. I researched the internet, looking for ways to fight addiction. Most things seemed as if he would trade one addiction for another. I eventually found a website supporting the benefits of CBD oil. I read that CBD has proven successful at combating different types of addiction. It has been effective for alcohol, tobacco and drug addiction. It helps with mood, appetite and pain management. People have had good luck getting off opiates. So I spoke with my buddy to see if he was willing to give CBD a try to help with his opiate addiction. He was agreeable to anything at this point in time. We went together to a local cannabis dispensary to find out more about their CBD products. My friend consulted with a budtender. He was interested in the CBD oil & some of the edibles. He tried CBD for a few weeks and felt an improvement. He said the CBD alleviate the physical pain and also helped with his mood swings. This allowed him to slowly wean off using opiates. His depression was no longer a factor. My friend didn’t feel so sad and anxious all the time. Taking the CBD oil & edibles was a game changer. He prefers the edibles, but the CBD oil is a more practical solution and lasts longer. Eventually after a few months, he no longer was taking opiates at all. He has been extremely grateful to me for telling him about CBD oil. I am convinced that CBD saved my friend’s life.

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