I plan on investing in the recreational marijuana industry

Out of curiosity, I just searched for marijuana store near me.

I was shocked to see that there were over 50 stores in my area.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be that surprised since the drug has been legalized for medicinal use in my state for over 5 years now. But I was shocked to learn that my state has the largest market for medicinal marijuana. So, why was I curious about marijuana stores in my area? Well, I just had an entrepreneur training class and marijuana dispensary was one of the topics that was discussed. Currently, the industry is trending at over $13 billion and by the end of this year, both medicinal and recreational sales of marijuana are projected to grow to over $30 billion. With that much growth, the head of the training class stated that the medicinal as well as the recreational marijuana industry is one of the best and most profitable businesses to invest in. Furthermore, with more and more states legalizing recreational marijuana, that will open up even more markets for investment and growth. Prior to taking this class, I would never have thought about investing in the recreational marijuana industry, but the numbers don’t lie, and the projected sales are very attractive to me as a potential investor. Perhaps one day soon, when someone in my town searches for marijuana store near me, my recreational cannabis store will be on the list of results. For now, I will learn everything I need to know about the industry and when that day comes to invest, I will get rich from this growing and profitable industry.

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