I should not have ordered CBD oil online

It tasted like turd

I’ve been using CBD for anxiety for a long time. It’s been more than four years now, as it still works well; My anxiety can become overwhelming, as well as I can get an incredible migraine, and the slightest stress gives me indigestion. This is not great for my health overall. Ever since I started using CBD, my anxiety has been much better. I’ve built a slight tolerance to the CBD, so now at a much stronger dosage. It’s getting pretty costly every month. I’m spending about $72 right now. I decided to research a few places online, in order to find a place that would offer better prices. I found a dealer that sells the same brand CBD products for a fraction of the price. It was the same exact brand as well as dosage that I was purchasing in our new home store. Instead of $72.99, the product was only $30. I decided to purchase seven, just in case the product was out of stock later on. When the CBD oil arrived in the mail, I knew it wasn’t the same product. The color of the bottle was slightly off, as well as the flavor was incredibly awful. The CBD oil did not taste fruity. I purchased three bottles of strawberry flavored CBD oil as well as four bottles of cherry flavored CBD oil, all of the bottles tasted exactly the same, just like toilet water. It tasted like turd. I called the place to get my cash back, however they told me that all sales are final. I don’t imagine how I’m going to stomach drinking all of this stuff.