CBD treats for my dogs keep him calm

My wife and I decided to take our dogs camping last spring, and we got caught in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm.

We were in a tent, and the wind howled for hours and hours.

The dogs were scared the whole time, and we were worried as well. When the storm subsided, we had a great deal of damage to the campsite. We lost our canopy, and our cooler was in the neighbor’s campsite. There was a river of water flowing through the middle of our fire pit. I don’t think my dog has ever recovered from the thunderstorm. Every time it starts to thunder or lightning, my dog starts to howl and wine. I talked to the vet about the behavior, and they suggested purchasing some CBD treats to keep him calm. I didn’t know that dogs could use CBD, so I was really surprised. I asked the vet if they had any samples, but they did not. He did give me a few coupons from the manufacturer. I found a specialty Pet Shop that carried these CBD treats, and my wife and I went to purchase them this past weekend. It was really expensive, but I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised. CBD infused treats for humans are also very expensive. We purchased a 12 oz bag of treats for $33. The recommended dosage is 3 to 5 treats, and that means we should get about four or five applications from the bag. I hope the CBD infused dog treats will help, because I hate to waste money. If it helps Buddy stay calm, I won’t mind spending the money at all.