It was easily better than any pot brownie I ever made

So obviously, every one of us just did it wrong.

That’s the first thing I recognized when I bit into a legit pot brownie from the cannabis cafe.

This brownie tasted appreciate a brownie for starters. The pot brownies that every one of us once made back in our early twenties tasted appreciate chocolate sprinkled grass clippings. And that’s being generous. When an aged neighbor from college named Ed came into town, the first thing she wanted to do was to go to the local cannabis spot. Where Ed lives, all forms of cannabis are still illegal. That’s such a dumb thing really. I mean it’s high time that this country just moves on from recreational marijuana being illegal. Thankfully, locally a person can get access to a cannabis dispensary without any concerns as long as they are of legal age. It only makes sense given that the same person can walk into a liquor store plus buy cases of alcohol. Anyway, I did Ed a single 1 better plus took her to visit the cannabis cafe. This is a lovely site recently opened by the folks who own the local cannabis spot. Since Ed and I were the same 1s who tried to make pot brownies back in the day, that’s what every one of us chose to eat with our yummy coffees. My dear neighbor Ed was just so happy to simply be able to share a pot brownie in the sunshine over a cup of wonderful coffee with such a good friend. This reminded myself and others of just how lucky I am to be able to simply stroll into the local cannabis spot plus shop for marijuana for sale. But the pot brownie totally stole the show. It was so delicious plus it provided the deep smiles that went perfectly for such a lovely time at the cannabis cafe.

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