I decided to quit my boring job to become a budtender

I used to have a really dull and boring job.

  • I worked at this bank and I felt like I was really getting nowhere in my life and I wasn’t really happy.

Eventually, I saw an advertisement that they were looking for budtenders at one of the local Cannabis Dispensaries. I actually never have been all that big into the whole Cannabis movement, but I have smoked Cannabis on a few occasions and I liked it. This advertisement had me thinking about what it would be like working at a Cannabis Dispensary. So, I decided to actually go to the Cannabis Dispensary and see about the job. I was informed that in order to become a budtender, I would have to take a budtender training course which would cost me about $200. Because the budtenders make pretty good money, I thought it would be worth it. I was also surprised at how nice the Cannabis Dispensary was and how happy the employees seemed to be. They were really nice and talked to me about the job. Everybody there was like family, and they were also very knowledgeable about all the products and talked to me about my experience with Cannabis. I felt pretty sheepish as I didn’t even know all that much, but they reassured me that I would learn everything I needed to know from the budtender training course. After talking to these wonderful people, I didn’t hesitate to get enrolled in the training course to become an official budtender. When I completed the budtender training course, I was more than happy to quit my job at the bank and officially become a budtender!