I’ve always been a major advocate for Cannabis Legalization

I was always a major advocate for Cannabis legalization.

It’s something that I have always believed in strongly because I have learned over the years about the many benefits of this amazing plant.

Cannabis can be used to make clothing, plastic products, fuel, food, and powerful medicine. They say that Cannabis is an elixir because it virtually is a cure-all for almost any ailment somebody suffers from. I would actually be shocked to learn that there wasn’t something that could be treated with Cannabis medicine. Eventually when our state voted on legalizing Cannabis for recreational use, me and all my buddies made sure to vote. The vote passed by a wide margin in our state, and finally we all get to enjoy the benefits of this miraculous plant. I certainly would like to see the Cannabis plant used to its full potential, but we at least have finally made major steps in going the right direction. Eventually instead of seeing ethanol fuel made from corn or other types of vegetables, I want to see ethanol fuel made from Cannabis! I have studied this and know that Cannabis Ethanol is far higher quality than any other type of Ethanol fuel. It is actually made from the oils inside the seeds. I believe a car would actually be able to run off of pure Cannabis Ethanol fuel, and it would be so much cleaner for the environment because we wouldn’t have to depend heavily on gasoline and oil. I am grateful now that my buddies and I can go into the Cannabis Dispensary to purchase all of our favorite edibles and Cannabis Flowers. Eventually, I think I would like to work at one of the local Cannabis Dispensaries, so that I can pass on my knowledge to all those inquiring customers.