Carrying growing supplies at the dispensary

The medical cannabis industry is growing and changing every day.

More and more information is coming to light on all the ways that cannabis can help our mind and body.

Cannabis can be great for so many health problems like anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, and muscle spasms. Scientists are learning more information everyday about the wide variety of medical uses for marijuana. As this happens, more and more people are starting to use cannabis daily. It’s not easy to grow your own medical marijuana at home, and that is one of the biggest reasons why dispensaries are so popular. The dispensaries in this area carry a wide range of THC related products. They also have edibles like chocolates, brownies, and space cake. Still, a lot of people try to grow marijuana at home. I am the manager for a very large cannabis and CBD dispensary. We are located right outside of a major city where cannabis is legal for medical and recreational use. Until last month, we never carried any growing supplies at the dispensary. My boss had a meeting with all of the managers last weekend and we found out about the new inventory. I knew something big was going to change, because we have been making room in the warehouse for more inventory. We had a lot of customers ask about growing supplies, but we usually send them to the garden and feed store. Now that we are going to be carrying our own growing supplies, I think our business will probably double. I certainly don’t think it will hurt our business in any way.

Cannabis delivery