Free sample sign outside the marijuana dispensary

My friends and I decided to take a two-week vacation during the last summer.

We went all the way across the country, so we could see the sunset over the mountains.

My friends and I split the cost of a small drivable RV. We loaded some supplies into the RV and set off to the countryside. We drove 2000 miles in 48 hours before we stopped for the night. My friends and I were tired of sleeping upright and taking turns driving. We stopped at a small motel off the interstate. We paid $60 for our motel room. We had a small refrigerator, coffee maker, two double beds, and a clean shower. My friend Jake slept on the floor, because he drew the short straw. Once we were settled into the hotel, we decided to go out to find some dinner. We came across our first marijuana dispensary about a mile away from the hotel. We saw a marijuana dispensary every two or three miles after that. I forgot that we entered a state that allows both recreational and medical marijuana use. Since my friends and I didn’t need a medical marijuana card to go inside the dispensary, we decided to have a look. They had a free sample sign located outside the marijuana dispensary too. My friends and I were very surprised when we walked inside of the marijuana dispensary. It looked small from the outside, but it was large and spacious indoors. A budtender greeted us at the door and asked for our ID. After that, we spent the next hour walking around. There was a lot to see.


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