Learning the ins and outs of CBD legislation

There is nothing more boring than reading legislation.

I don’t mean reading news stories about legislation, I mean reading the actual political paperwork. It is without question the most dull, dreary, and intentionally confusing text you can ever lay eyes on. In the instance of the 2014 Farm Bill, I forced myself to read every last word of it. Also called the Federal Agricultural Reform and Risk Management Act, the Farm Bill was enormous, setting out changes in rules and regulation and connecting these changes to huge amounts of funding. I did all this to find the whole truth about marijuana laws, and what they have to do with hemp, cannabis, and CBD distillate. Hemp is course the raw materials from whence we get cannabis and all CBD related products, but for a very long time hemp itself was illegal. This is patently ridiculous of course, because hemp itself is incapable of getting you high and has very low levels of THC and CBD. As an advocate for both hemp products as CBD products, I felt it was important for me to familiarize myself with all the ins and outs of the various passages. There are so many medical uses and advantages to using CBD in all its forms, so I need to make sure I know the letter of the law so I can fight the good fight. I am not suggesting that you read this boring Farm Bill by any means, but I implore you to go online and read everything you can about CBD distillate, it helps us all!


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