I Don’t Like Getting my Cannabis Delivered

At least I can still purchase my weed, but it is just not the same anymore

The coronavirus is a nuisance. I can’t do anything I normally love to do. I am 1 of those employees that love going into the office. I love dressing up, chatting with my coworkers plus enjoying the commute; I like the commute because I listen to a podcast there plus back. After working in the office all day, I hit my gym, eat at a steakhouse plus maybe take a trip to the mall. I consider myself a social butterfly. With social distancing I can’t do anything. I am doing nothing but staying at home. I can’t go out to eat or even to the supermarket without donning a mask. What absolutely smells is my cannabis dispensary isn’t allowing people to go into the store. You can order the products via computer plus either get cannabis delivery to your door or do curbside opening up. I hate it. Going to the dispensary is a social thing for me. I prefer talking to the budtender for a while. He usually tells me what new products have been purchased for sale and what products he thinks would be good for me. The dispensary I go to has a vape lounge that is fun. I love impulse buys as well. I walk around the store plus see things I wouldn’t normally get, but suddenly want with a vengeance. With ordering online, I get the same thing every time I am so thrilled with it. I can’t get any recommendations plus there is nothing current out just yet. At least I can still purchase my weed, but it is just not the same anymore. I don’t even have any friends to enjoy it with due to social distancing.

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