I’m exploring my cannabis options

The medical marijuana industry is expanding and helping more and more people. I suffer from seizures. I’ve dealt with them my whole life. However,  they were gaining intensity the older I got. A friend suggested trying medical marijuana. The whole marijuana industry has evolved over time and is now more accepted. Marijuana is widely used by people who struggle with all sorts of medical issues, such as pain, cancer, PTSD, glaucoma and seizures, like myself. When I went to the medical marijuana dispensary, I was completely overwhelmed by the choices. There was so many strains, extracts, edibles, topicals and various cannabis products to choose from. I had no idea how to make selection or figure out what might be best for me. Thankfully, marijuana dispensaries are staffed by budtenders. They are employed by the dispensary to assist people in finding what suits them best. The budtender I consulted with was amazing. He was extremely knowledgeable in every product. He explained what each option was for. The budtender asked a lot of questions before guiding me toward the selections. I was surprised that he was able to so quickly decipher exactly what I needed, the potency and  locate the product among the vast inventory. I wondered if the budtender had ulterior motives. Maybe he was deliberately upselling certain strains. I decided that the guy was just sincerely helpful. He explained that his knowledge of the products was from budtender employee training. He completed an online budtender training course. There is a business that specializes entirely in the cannabis education field. I had no idea that budtenders participated in training.

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