Taking a cannabis education

When my parents were young, marijuana wasn’t used to treat medical conditions. If people were using marijuana, it was considered a party drug, unfortunately, the stigma has not changed much over the past multiple decades. My parents still guess that marijuana has entirely little medical use, then even though there are hundreds of studies that prove marijuana has numerous medicinal benefits, my parents are still uneducated, but when my doctor prescribed marijuana to help with anxiety plus PTSD, my parents were entirely confused. I tried to explain how the marijuana would help, however they didn’t understand. Luckily, the hospital downtown offers a cannabis education class. They offer the cannabis education class for free every Wednesday day. The class is only an hour long, however the healthcare professionals discuss all of the positive benefits from using marijuana to treat a number of illnesses. My mom wasn’t keen on the method at first, however he decided to attend the education class with me. I suppose the cannabis education class entirely helped, because my mom was paying attention the entire time. They covered a lot of questions plus even did a Q&A session at the end! On our way home, my Mom asked a lot more questions. I hope the cannabis education class will ease his mind plus fears. I suppose that he is distraught about my health, but I feel that cannabis is a much better answer than any type of prescription drug. Many of my friends are using xanax, pain pills, or psychoactive drugs to treat illnesses. I’m happier to use an herbal treatment that has been to be effective.



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