Discovering edibles has been a game changer

I’ve been dealing with anxiety for decades.

Back in the day, I was in with a shrink and did the whole therapy and meds thing. It was indeed helpful but I never seemed to get any further than a sort of safe plateau. I still had the anxiety, it was just less intense. I could free myself at all still and though I wasn’t suicidal or locked up in my house, it still was a far cry from where I wanted to be. This was before I discovered medical marijuana and the effect it has on my levels of anxiety. Finally, the side effects from the meds were taking a toll and I decided to try a new path. I started seeing a more holistic therapist and the changes came quick. For one, it just felt much more personal and engaging when it came to the talking. That was awesome. I felt really safe to just explore the source of some of my feelings. She also suggested that I try medical marijuana. That was something that had been suggested by friends. I had tried using cannabis products for that very reason but I just couldn’t get past the smoking part of the deal. I just couldn’t inhale without coughing it all back out. Then I found out about the cannabis edibles at the local cannabis spot. That has turned everything around. Medical marijuana is like a switch being flipped in my head. The anxiety melts away and in it’s place comes a sense of peace and hope.



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